The preservation and protection of your fine art investment is our top priority.

Studio Framing

  At the studio we are pleased to offer to our very special patrons a full range of framing services to meet any need, the studio framing services are not open to the general public, so as to say we are not a "frame shop" in the traditional sense, the reason we maintain these services is to both provide unique opportunities to our clients to customize works in their private collections to suit their design needs, as well as to be able to offer some outstanding options for presenting Daniels work, all of Daniel's original pieces come framed in some very unique and special ways that he has personally selected for his work that brings both consistency and a very high level of quality that can only be attained through our service, we guarantee the highest quality and we can assure you the grade of our materials used in all processes are of the highest archival standards and will meet and surpass your expectations. 

The Studio offers a wide array of beautiful custom made hardwood mouldings along with many fine antique silver and gilt gold profiles which provide a very sophisticated look and feel and will suit any environment modern or traditional. All works are framed on location and are subject to rigorous inspection prior to shipping.With respect to Daniel's original work we will make reccomendations on how each piece may be best presented, but the whole purpose of offering these services is so that each customer has the opportunity to have his or her own input in how best the work should be presented to fit in their own unique space.   

One very unique option we offer that is not found anywhere else is a range of hand made hand cut linen panels for the oils, pastels and charcoals, we offer these panels in a variety of widths. Each one of these are hand assembled in the studio with high grade fabrics laid over them, the profile is custom made specifically for us. These panels offer a beautiful accent to the work, especially to the oils and truly add a wonderful and unique look to each piece.

When we talk about the "highest archival standards" in our framing it is something we take very seriously, a great deal of effort goes into each of Daniel's original works and each piece is meticulously handled in its presentation so as to both enhance and preserve the piece for many years to come. All work framed in the studio meets and exceeds the U.S Library of Congress standards for the preservation of fine art and archival documents.....translation, all core material, matting, substrate, backing etc. is all 100% P.H> Neutral, all papers are derived from 100% acid free cotton rag which will not yellow or yield any adverse affects to work affixed or laid to it.

  As you can see the net result is a fine art object that will be enjoyed for generations to come and one that has a tremendous amount of thought and care put into each and every piece.  

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