Scenes From The Studio Garden

Daniel Porter Collection Master Set of 72 Soft Pastels

The Full Set is available through this website, email for details and we would be happy to help you with the purchase of any products from the full Unison Pastel range.

Studio Friends

Inspired and incorporating similar elements to Winslow Homer's studio at Prout's Neck Maine, Daniel's studio is a wonderfully quiet setting that is designed like a rustic hideaway, it offers a peaceful space to think and create each day. The studio garden is frequented by many vistors daily, mostly the fur bearing and feathered kind. The flower garden outside the studio window is replete with many different kinds of ornamental plants and grasses and is a haven for butterflies, bee's and other creatures. A small well fed spring provides fresh water by the second non stop for all the visitors, even the dogs frequent this little spot for refreshment on warm summer days. All of these visitors provide a constant source of inspiration for Daniel's work.

The Studio Inside and Out....

Daniel's studio is comprised of more than one location. Recently we completed construction of a brand new studio building which will serve us much better in the years to come, Daniel combines studio time with working on location something he has taken much greater interest in these last few years. In the days ahead we'll show you the daily workings both in the studio and out, from time to time there will be a video or two as well, for now, here are a few shots taken on location.

Unison Color of Northumberland England

Daniel is an associate artist with Unison Color of Northumberland England. Unison is the world leader in producing the finest handmade soft pastels on the market today, it is a wonderful relationship with these fine folks and all their talented artisans working to make an amazing product for professional artists around the globe, we encourage you to look them up when you have a moment, their story is critical to the success of Daniel's work.


"My sincerest thanks to Dan and his team for their perfect attention to all my needs.....I'm pleased to share below my curated signature set of 72 pastels geared toward the landscape painter. These were very thoughtfully chosen from hundreds of values from a variety of colors. Enjoy!" 

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